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Disney Tips From a Natural Mommy


My family and I are headed home from an incredibly MAGICAL week at Disney World, Orlando Florida.

  IMG_1187IMG_1393 IMG_1171
After returning from our fourth trip to Disney World, we have picked up a few tips and tricks on things that we will need while we are away. As well as what to do to prepare for our Disney vacation. We have 3 small children so our bags are busting at the seams with items that we think may come in handy to make our stay more enjoyable. Let’s start with the basics:

1. We were blessed this time with a personal washer and dryer. So, we packed light on the clothes and washed each night. This saved a ton of space!!! Be sure to plan appropriately for the weather. We enjoy going to Disney in the fall! October was HOT! I wish we had packed a little cooler (tanks and shorts for everyday instead of some jeans and t shirts). So, watch the weather before choosing attire and pack light if there is access to a washer and dryer.

2. Princess dresses are a MUST!!! We brought 3 princess dresses for daughter. With all the Character meet and greets, and princess dinners, your little princess will need to dress in her finest “dress up” attire. (don’t forget the shoes)

3. Disney resorts, like other hotels supply soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners in the rooms. I am a little picky when it comes to these items! We use all natural AMAZING PRODUCTS from Young Living — There are a few items that I simply can NOT leave home overnight without! Vanilla Copaiba moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner, my A.R.T Skin care system– it quick and easy– a quick foam wash in the tub, followed by a toner, and light moisturizer. I make my own body cream with Young Living Lavender, and Frankincense essential oil mixed with organic Shea butter. Don’t sacrifice your body just because cheap, handy samples are available. Who wants to go home with a rash, dry hair, and pimples??

4. There are a few items that are great to keep with you in a carry on inside the park: Pony tail holders, Ningxia red, Ningxia nitro, wet wipes, sunglasses, thieves hand sanitizer and spray, a small bag packed FULL OF YL OILS (more on this to come), RAIN JACKETS or PONCHOS (these really came in handy!!!)

5. Ok, lets talk about this big bag of YL OILS: I packed a bunch of essential oils to bring to Disney. There are a few favorites that never left my side. I’ll only discuss the ones that we used daily. LAVENDER: I used it everyday for my kids respiratory support, to help me stay calm, use on life’s little mishaps, and to diffuse for rest to sleep. DIGIZE- just don’t be caught without it! I think everyone but my daughter had to use this oil throughout the trip. It gave us MUCH NEEDED digestive support. STRESS AWAY– enough said. Progessence Plus- just because this lady needs it. PEPPERMINT- for our occasional discomforts, too many spinning rides, and just a quick uplift. VALOR- OH VALOR how I love thee. Everyone just needs a drop of valor every now and then. PEACE AND CALMING- when the toddler and the parents have had too much fun! Frankincense- AKA “Frank” My hubby says it helps us not to go thermo nuclear haha. It also helps us with our overall health and wellness. THIEVES- a MUST EVERYDAY for our immune support.

6. We bring a cooler full of drinks. It helps to have drinks in the room because Disney resorts are HUGE and not an easy walk for a 10:00 pm thirst quencher.

7. TENNIS SHOES. Just don’t do the big boots, heels, hard sandals… JUST DON’T. Take care of your feet and bring a comfortable pair of shoes!

8. We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. It was amazing! They have several pools along the resort. So, don’t forget the swim wear!

9. Strollers for the little tikes. If you have a great riding stroller and have room in the car with the luggage, feel free to bring yours to save a little cash. Disney has their own stroller rentals at the parks. We have had two successful experiences renting strollers from Orlando Stroller Rentals. They have nice, great rolling strollers. They have it waiting for you at your specified time at the bellhop and you return it at the time you specify in the same location. Our full 7 day Disney stay cost us around $60.00. It’s well worth it, it saved us room in our car, they have been very reliable, and is much less expensive than renting directly from Disney World.

10. The Disney Photopass is totally worth doing!!! We did take pictures with our cell phones, but we didn’t have to carry a huge, expensive camera around. The Disney photographers are set up at locations all over the parks. You simply walk up, snap a few professional pics, scan your magic bands and go. They do the rest. After our stay we ended up with over 80 pictures to choose from for print or to digitally download.

11. One thing that we wished we had done this stay is have a resort day! We have decided with 3 little ones that it would be a good idea in the future to take a lazy day in mid week and enjoy the resort. We definitely could have used an afternoon by the pool, fun time in the arcade, a mommy massage, movie under the stars or just a little down time. We did do one small event at the resort that I am very thankful for. We came in early on Halloween for trick or treating and a festival of events at our resort. We had such a great time!!! Halloween at Disney is SUPER FUN!!!



12. We always choose to do the Disney Dining Plan. We have great results with this and it saves us money too. This trip we were blessed enough to book our stay during the free dining plan week. That was awesome! Keep a watch on the Disney site online as they run specials often. We saved a few quick service meals and snacks and brought TONS of candy and treats home the last day to munch on for the ride home and a few days after.






I hope these little tips and tricks can help make your future Disney vacation a little easier. The Young Living items I mentioned can be purchased at the “become a member” icon . What are your Disney tips you’ve learned along the way?


Blue liquid GOLD

I seriously just had to take a Disney World break for this public service announcement: Valor is back today!!!!! Go to the become a member tab to order this blue oil (valor) that has seriously changed so many bad days or crazy days and turned them around to FABULOUS! I’ve been hoarding my valor essential oil for many months!!!! Today it has released again! View the video below– crazy awesome!!!!! 


Top five reasons why my family uses EO’s

Although a list of 5 doesn’t begin to give all the reasons we chose to start using Young Living essential oils, it’s a good start. 

1.  We use essential oils daily to keep our immunity strong.  You may ask, “I feel well now, why should I change what I’m doing if I’m already fairly healthy?”  It’s not about how you currently feel.  I feel particularly healthy everyday too.  But life has its way of bringing you down.  Do you get in your daily excersize? Do you zero out on sugars, carbs, fats, etc? Do you take it in a great amount daily of fruits, veggies, protein and water?  Are you completely stress free? If all those answers are yes, I’ve got to meet you!!!! That’s awesome.  But for me and my family, life often gets in the way and our immune system needs a little extra support from Thieves essential oil. 
2.  Did I mention stress??? Three children, 2 full time jobs, a husband with 2 full time jobs, school, homework, household chores, bumps and bruises, you name it, life gives stress.. I have to vocally recite scripture daily to help get me through.  I also now have some great friends called stress away, valor, peace and calming, progessence plus and white Angelica. These can help me to turn a crazy day a little brighter!!! 

3.  My digestive system needs extra support.  I’m known to not eat the best foods (although I am working on that!). Believe me my digestive system sometimes suffers for my choices.  Digize essential oil has saved my day, and night so many times.  

4.  A deeper spiritual awareness. Not only has my journey with Young Living brought me closer to the Lord in general.  There are actually essential oils that help me to meditate stronger on scripture, and prayer.  If you’ve never grabbed and bottle of frankincense, 3 wise men, or Grow blended with Faith essential oil… You are truly missing out.  I love the way it helps me to keep my focus where it needs to be.  

5.  Let’s face it, with 3 little munchkins running around, there are bound to be mishaps here and there.  We use, owie, copaiba, helichrysum, lavender, peppermint, purification, etc etc etc to support our overall wellness!!!! We run into discomforts from time to time that just need a little TLC.  We get that comfort from lots of little Young Living bottles.  They haven’t failed us yet!!!! 

In conclusion, essential oils are part of our everyday life!!! We incorporate them into our daily routines starting, ending, and everywhere in between. If you’d like to try them on for size, I would highly recommends starting with the Premium Starter kit that Young Living has wisely put together for our wellness. Please comment below with any questions you may have, for deciding what starter kit may be best for your family, or for more instructions on how to order.  Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY day!!!! God bless you all. 

Our Body Is A Temple

My family has been trying to adopt healthier options into our lifestyle.   We got on this path when we started using essential oils.  It  completely opened our eyes to all the toxins and chemicals we were packing in our body on a daily basis.  Everything we touch, smell, and ingest has an impact on our “temple”. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20  19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? 20For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.)  My husband and I started thinking, “Do we really want our kids to adopt the same practices that we have when they are adults?  Is what we are putting into our bodies having a positive impact on our witness?  Are we honoring the temple of the Holy Spirit with the way we are living?”  The answer to all that is a big fat NO!  We can’t be the BEST US if we aren’t blessing our bodies with good things.  The answer to all this change. It’s a change that isn’t going to take place over night.  It’s probably not going to completely take place in a years time.  It’s going to be a process.  We want to take you on this journey with us and hopefully many of you can offer some words of wisdom and some encouraging prayers and thoughts as we go through a process to make our lives healthier by putting away the old and bringing on the new.  This process will involve several different topics: household products, food,  beauty products, and more.

We are on a pretty decent start.  We have been using essential oils for 1 1/2 years now.  We use these for basically EVERYTHING.  So a lot of the products we were using have been replaced with these all natural plant extracts. You can read more about these oils on my other blogs.    Cleaner.. I was the worlds worst at thinking I needed the most harsh chemicals in order to kill the germs…and it needs to have an amazing fragrance.. Well, I have absolutely fallen in love with Thieves cleaner… well actually all of the thieves line of products.  Thieves cleaner is infused with the power of thieves essential oil and is made 100% of plant based minerals and ingredients.  And guess what?  It smells amazing naturally.  Quick story.  I’ve been using thieves cleaner since I  was introduced in November 2014.  I love it and have had many success stories using it.  Well, 2 weeks ago I let myself run out… BIG NO!  I obviously couldn’t let my house go with NO cleaner so I ran to the dollar store to pick some up.  There were really no healthy choices to choose from in all purpose cleaners.  So, I picked up my old trusty that I used to grab every time and went home.  I used it in my bathroom and I quickly remembered the all too familiar aroma that took my breath away when I inhaled it.  After cleaning for 10 minutes I had to walk out and get my lungs clear before finishing the job.  When cleaning the high chair I had to remember to rinse the chemicals off so that my toddler wouldn’t be eating hazardous toxins with his breakfast.  This is NOT how it’s meant to be people!! Needless to say, I have thieves cleaner on a quick order (free with reward points) hopefully to be arriving in the next day or so.   Young Living has a complete line of thieves products that I LOVE!  The toothpaste, hand purifier (does NOT burn my dry cracked hands), hand soap, dish cleaner, etc etc.  These products are great and guess what?  They are actually good for us!!!

We are getting closer to where we want to be but still have far to go.  We will keep you posted with our story as we write it.  Until then, grab you a thieves kit and get started cleaning healthy!


New Premium starter kits are on sale!!!!

Young Living has really outdone themselves with the NEW PSK.  It has all of your favorite essential oils in it plus SOME amazing new replacements!  I’m so excited that “digize” finally comes in the starter kit.  It’s a must have.  It’s one that I always have with me!!!! This kit as a whole new look. From the new super slique packaging to the brand new oil labels, it’s a great upgrade from the last kit.  You can now choose from FOUR diffusers: home, dewdrop, bamboo, and the luxurious aria!!!!!

For a limited time, the kit is on sale for $150.  The price will go to $160 September 1st. Grab one now at this discounted price!  School is just around the corner and I can not even begin to explain all the benefits they have for school children.  Please contact me for more info or to schedule an educational essential oils class for you and your family.  It is our family’s passion to share the oils with the world.  God bless 🙂



Lavender farm in Utah

I have just had the privilege to take part in an amazing experience.  Young Living gifted me with a trip to the Lavender farms in Mona, Utah.  The experience overall was one I will never forget and I am grateful for.  Experiencing Young Livings “Seed to Seal” first hand is a truly humbling experience.  I want to take you through some of this journey with me.

The plane ride into Utah was incredible as we viewed the snow capped Rocky Mountains.
We arrived In Salt Lake City, Utah at noon on Thursday June 25th. We then were bused into Park City where our resort was located. It was beautiful!!!



We attended several dinners and training events at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

And please don’t let me forget the NINGXIA RED BAR!!! YUMMO!!!! I tried several different essential oils in my ningxia. One recipe I had made was called “the Walton”. It had peppermint, jade lemon, and orange essential oil. WOW! That will wake you up!!!




The next day, we toured the Lavender farm and participated in “Lavender Days” in Mona, Utah. I have taught about Young Living’s Seed to seal process for over a year now. But seeing the process in action sheds a whole new light on all of it. I wish there was a “smellovision” where you could all take in the aroma of the lavender fields and the distillation of Juniper and Blue Yarrow oils. The work in the fields did not stop while we were visiting. The workers continued to work the fields planting new lavender baby plants. The tractors kept plowing and the distillery still continued to steam in new oils for us to love. We had an excellent tour guide who explained the process of distillation. They were currently distilling Juniper and Blue Yarrow.


This yellow colored oil is Juniper.
We actually made history with this blue oil. This is the very first distillation of Blue Yarrow in the Mona distillery.
After the oils are distilled they are brought into this lab for testing.

After the distillation tour I went out to the fields. I got to plant my very own lavender plant! This was cool! I may be using the oil from that very plant one day!! Or you may!!! The beauty of it all was worth the whole trip!!!IMG_9394


There truly is a HUGE difference in Young Living essential oils and other oil companies. Yeah, you can purchase oils at stores,  from other companies and even find them at a cheaper price. But,  I KNOW what I’m getting when I use Young Living. The quality can NEVER be matched. It’s like growing your own tomatoes at home verses getting it from the local grocery store. There is a BIG difference. Except this goes even further than that. Their properties have “never before been plowed or subjected to harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers— making it an ideal location to begin producing therapeutic- grade essential oils.”-Young Living Seed to seal. I would love and encourage any of you to go out and visit any of Young Livings farms if you get the chance. I can assure you it will be worth the trip. I absolutely loved my experience and I thank  Young Living for giving me the opportunity to work for them by simply sharing what I love.  And, for blessing me with this trip.


You can read more about Young Living’s seed to seal process here and view all of their farming locations: www.

Erin Shoup- Gold distributor #1728987



They’re back..

Welcome back everyone. Last Saturday, my sister and brother-in-law asked my family and I to come over and cook out in the afternoon. We’ve had so much rain lately and haven’t gotten to do much outdoor fun.  My brother-in-law informed me a few days prior that he had bought the “stuff for smores”.  We were in the middle of traveling our 12 minute drive to their house when I started getting an ALL TO FAMILIAR ache in my lower back.  I nonchalantly told my husband, “I think I’m getting a kidney stone.” If you’ve ever had a stone, it’s a pain that you never forget–even if it starts off mild. You see, I’m one of “THOSE PEOPLE” that just make kidney stones. Calcium Oxalate Stones is the Scientific term for the type I have.  I’ve had 4 lithotripsy procedures performed to crush and expel the stones.  I’ve passed only 1 large and 1 small stone in the past.  I have been on a ROLL the past couple years only having one very mild stone.  I had started to think that the curse had stopped.. We were just getting started eating our hamburgers and hot dogs and the kids were playing in the yard.  The extremely dull ache got just a tad worse.  I started drinking some bottles of water with my lemon essential oil to help flush the stone out IF it were a stone. I got three down.   I told my sister to watch the baby for a couple minutes while I went inside.  I laid down on the couch still hoping it was just a gas pain (denial had set in).  It seemed to ease up a tad so I rolled to my side to get more comfortable.  Then…I had to throw up… I thought…It’s the real deal UGH.  I lost much of my fluids which killed me cause I KNOW that’s the only way to pass it.  The moaning and groaning and rolling had taken over so I yelled for my daughter to get Jonathan. The whole family had joined in at this point offering to take me to the ER, giving nausea meds and pain meds. Jonathan and I have just finished paying off all the hospitals for Jonathan’s broken leg, I’m NOT going back unless its close to death–(exaggeration).  I HATE and DESPISE pain medication..I just don’t like to take it! I turned it down, against my husband and family’s wishes.  I told Jonathan to GET THE OILS! Now, I’m not playing guinea pig on myself (that’s what my mother called it).  But, I’ve NOT head a stone since I’ve started using Young Living essential oils.  I’ve read where there are oils to help ease your mind, and help you to cope during bad situations.  Jonathan got over me and he can correct me if I’m wrong on the oils he used but.. he used panaway, peppermint, and frankincense essential oils on my side.  He slowly and delicately applied them in a downward motion OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  After about 15 minutes the pain had subsided SOME. I gently rolled to my back and he applied it where the stone had went down more towards my bladder.  He used the same downward motions and the same oils as he had done on the back side.  After about 10 minutes on this side it dropped into my bladder!  I literally felt the drop!  The pain was gone– I passed the stone with my next strong urine output. I don’t know the approximate size, but it was NO speck!!!   Jonathan told me that he prayed over me and the essential oils.  He prayed for God to let me pass it and to allow the tools that he has given us to help aid in my pain relief and passing of the stone.  You see, we don’t give glory to essential oils.  But, to the creator. God blessed us with such precious gifts to use for our healing.  I am forever grateful!  These are the oils that I used: lemon panaway peppermint frankincense To purchase these oils for yourself, click the “become a member button”. This will give full instructions on how to order these products. You can contact me via email with more questions.

Everyday Oils

Everyday Oils.

New Years giveaway

To start your New Year off right, I am giving away two of the oils out of the old starter kit that I first fell in love with. Young living recently changed these two oils out: peace and calming and valor and switched them with melaleuca Alternafolia and stress away. All of these are great by the way!!!!
If you purchase the premium starter kit by January 1st I will credit your account with the amount to pay for peace and calming and valor!!!!!! You will receive everything pictured below plus 2 FREE OILS on me!!!! Please contact me before completing your order so I can add the credit. We have a great facebook group that can help you learn how to put your essential oils to use. Along with myself and other experienced oilers who are at your beckon call! Thanks for letting 2015 be MUCH healthier and happier!!!!



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