I would like to teach you a bit about the Everyday Oils Collection.  These are what I often refer to as my “go-to” oils.  I use these for things such as respiratory support,  tension and discomfort,  joint support, my overall emotional well-being  etc.  I even make all natural cleaning products, laundry fresheners, skin support from insects etc etc. out of my everyday oils.  The lists of uses could go on and on.  The following images are of the Young Livings everyday oils collection.  I will put a brief description as to how my family uses each one of these oils.
Everyday Oils Clock Infographic


Peppermint—AHHH my favorite to diffuse!!!  I use this for discomfort in my neck and shoulders.  The coolness helps with all the tension I carry.  We use this essential oil for respiratory support either in the diffuser or along my sinus cavities.  It smells amazing!!!!  We have used peppermint for digestive support and motion discomfort… we keep a bottle of peppermint EVERYWHERE WE GO! We just rub on our belly or belly button and it helps us tremendously.


Joy- Who doesn’t need a little joy in their life.  If we are having a bad day or just feeling down in the dumps this little baby definitely helps to uplift our mood.  My son and daughter both inhaled joy all the way to school on the first day.  NO TEARS!!!! It was a daylight and dark difference in this year and last year.  It has helped us with feelings of sadness and anxiousness.  It’s an awesome mood lifter 🙂


Thieves-  MY FAVORITE OIL!  The name thieves goes back to robbers and thieves during the time of the black plague.  The “thieves” would rob the dead bodies of their money and jewels..but they were staying healthy!  HOW?  They made a little recipe of cinnamon, rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, and lemon. Rubbed themselves down and didn’t catch the plague…so the story goes 😉 We use thieves daily to help support our immune system. I rub it on my kids everyday before school.


Lemon- I love the smell of lemon.  It offers us lots of antioxidant power.  I use it to clean with.  I diffuse it to give me a burst of energy.  I use lemon regularly in my pedicures to help aid in the removal of dry skin and calluses.  We have removed crayon marks from the wall, and sticky residue from the car.. it is sooo versatile.  It’s one of everybody’s favorites!!!
Melaleuca Alternafolia is an extremely versatile essential oil. It is a great one to use for skin care. I have personally used it to help with skin blemishes on my face. We also use “mel A” for cuts, and scrapes. It may help support a healthy scalp. I work in a beauty salon and we often use products that contain tea tree oil. Mel A is tea tree oil in its purest form! Now, I simply add a few drops to my shampoo to help support healthy hair and scalp.


Lavender- It’s considered the swiss army knife of oils because of its endless uses.  We use it for respiratory support over the bridge of our nose or on the chest. It also has calming qualities and has helped us to relax.  Lavender gives us a more restful sleep when we diffuse it.  I sometimes add lavender to our bed sheets to help us rest.  We made a cream that has lavender, frankincense and coconut oil.  This cream has really helped my dry cracked hands!!!


Panaway- It is amazing for muscle and joint discomfort.  We love to rub it on after strenuous exercise. It has a great cooling effect that makes your body HAPPY!  Panaway is a great choice to add to Epsom Salts to pour into a relaxing muscle soothing bath.  My husband Jonathan broke his leg back in March 2014– Panaway was his best FRIEND 🙂
Many people have heard of frankincense because it was a gift given to Christ after he was born. I never truly knew how valuable it was until I started using essential oils for my family. We use it to support healthy skin. It can be great for cellular health. We use it it to help with sadness.  It may also help with gaining a greater spiritual awareness. We love FRANK!

Stress away- This little gem right here is a MUST HAVE for everyone! Keep a bottle in your purse, drawer at work, diffuse it, whatever way you choose. If you are having a stressful day, this delicious smelling essential oil will be your best friend. I use it to relax the tension in my neck and shoulders. The aroma is extremely uplifting. Turn your bad day around quickly with stress away!


Purification- I absolutely LOVE to diffuse purification. It has a great aroma that helps to purify the air. Purification can also be used for cuts and scrapes and to help give support to a scratchy throat. My family uses purification mixed with water in a spray bottle to help us enjoy the outdoors annoyance free!!  Just simply spray it on your arms and legs. No more harmful insect repellents on my families skin! This essential oil is a must have for SPRING AND SUMMER!!!