I have worked in the professional beauty industry for over 12 years.  Throughout the years, I have tried many products to give my client’s their desired results.  There are many products that I have fallen in LOVE with and use daily!  It wasn’t until a little over 2 years ago that I took a shift in the way I looked at beauty products.  I now find myself checking labels and asking more questions to my sales rep’s to make sure what I use on my friends, are SAFE to be using!

I am so thankful that more and more companies are reaching out to family’s that care about their health.  There is NO NEED to add chemicals such as: formaldehyde, sulfates, excessive alcohol, DEA and MEA, etc etc to have BEAUTIFUL HAIR. Many of these chemicals strip the hair of its natural essential nutrients, and can irritate the skin.  I have had my share of dermatology visits in the past from my hands being literally BUSTED open from chemical exposer.  Not only that, but I have had NOSEBLEEDS and nasal sores from breathing products with chemicals and excessive drying properties.

I want the BEST for my clients.  They are my friends who put their trust in my service and my professional care.  I find myself reading labels, and asking many questions to my sales reps before purchasing or trying the latest and greatest products.  I have found many companies now that support health!  I choose to use an Organic hair color line on my clients called All Nutrient.  Their Standards say, ” Our products yield the most gentle, yet effective results because they are comprised of natural and organic raw materials that reduce the exposure to pesticides, unnecessary chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers.”   In my shampoos you’ll find “sulfate and paraben free” on the labels.   I use an all  Natural brand of shampoo and conditioner from Young Living Essential Oils that has NO chemicals at all, on my family at home.

lavender shampooeliza hair

Through my experiences and research with Young living essential oils, I have found that you can actually MAKE many of your hair and beauty products at home!!!  I use a WONDERFUL detangling and moisturizing spray that is SUPER EASY to make and your hair feels WONDERFUL when you use it!  Find the recipe for that and several others HERE!  There are also some great recourse booklets (great info with low cost) that have easy peasy all natural DIY beauty recipes HERE.

hair care DIY.png

We ALL want healthy beautiful locks!  Don’t let your beauty products turn your hair into a BEAST!  Making good choices for your family will pay off with the hair that you desire.   Be sure to tell your haircare professional your needs.  She should listen!!! A good stylist listens to your needs and tries hard to meet those needs!  What are some of your favorite HEALTHY hair care products or DIY recipes?  I would love to hear from you 🙂