“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

I have fretted for a couple weeks about what I should blog about. I fretted. “I” fretted. I was totally focused on myself and what I should deliver to you to perk your interests. To the majority of people in this world this would not be an issue to worry about. But, I am a people pleaser. I LOVE PEOPLE. I would start typing and then have to backspace backspace backspace. I could never get anything going on my blog that would please “myself”. So, I started praying. After several days of prayer, I decided I wouldn’t fight the Lord any longer and “Faith” would be the topic. As a believer in Christ, Faith is KEY!

When I think about faith, I can’t help but picture Abraham and Isaac. What great faith it would be to lead your only son up a mountain, to offer him as a sacrifice to your God. Where does someone get this faith? I mean- I have 3 children, I love the Lord dearly, but to give one of those babies up— that type of faith seems to surpass me. The truth is, no one has greater faith than the other. It’s how you use that faith that matters most. You may say “That was back then. Things are different now. It’s harder to have that kind of faith.” Abram (as Abraham was called at first) was called by the Lord to leave his home and his family at the age of 75 to build great nations and grow descendants all over the world. He was 100 years old when his wife Sarah bore their son Isaac. And then God called him to sacrifice this son as a burnt offering? Now, I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty rough compared to anything I’ve ever had to go though. Although it may have been a hard life, Abraham’s faith remained true. He knew that what the Lord promised him, he would do. Even after 100 years… he still got his son. While walking up to place Isaac on the offering table, don’t think for a second that Abraham didn’t think “Lord, I think you’ve got the wrong servant.. You promised many nations though Isaac. I waited 100 years for him… WHAT NOW?” He was human just like me and you. But, he remained FAITHFUL. Guess what else, God’s promises remained true that day (the ram in the thicket) just like they do for us today.

I never for the life of me thought that I would be called to lead a large organization of people. In the past I have struggled to speak in front of 10 or more people at church. Or heaven forbid having to walk up and talk to complete strangers. It’s sometimes comical how the Lord works. With this essential oil journey the Lord has led me on, I have often felt inadequate. Like Abraham I have thought “Lord, you’ve got the wrong servant.” Faith plays a great role in this part of my life. Many times in my essential oil classes I tell the testimony of how God has used valor and peace and calming essential oil  to help steady my shaking knees and hands and stress away to keep my voice from quivering during teaching. It’s pretty amazing how he works through his creation to pull out miracles in people. But even further than that, when he CALLS a person to walk a different path in life than they ever even saw imaginable, he can work miracles in that person. Faith comes from the Father. All we need to do, is to learn how to use it to it’s fullest. I didn’t know all the answers about Young Living Essential oils at first or how to lead an organization at first… I still don’t. But, through Faith I knew that God would lead me. When he says go, we need to get up! Is it easy? NO. Is it impossible? Of course not. When he calls you to do something, he WILL PROVIDE. All we need is faith!

Faith is often hard for people because we can’t see faith. We can not see the Lord that we place our trust in. We can only feel him and see his works at hand. We can not see 40 years down the road when we give our hand in marriage. We just use faith in God after prayer that our mate is the one God has chosen for us. We can’t see the outcome of the future Presidential election that is in front of us. But, we must remain faithful that GOD will protect his children and see us through any trial that awaits us. We don’t know when we become a member of Young Living essential oils that those oils are going to help us at all. But, we place faith in the person that told us how great they are and we try it…and we love it! We do not know what our future holds for our children. But, as Christians of FAITH we KNOW who holds their future. Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing what faith can do. I choose faith. I choose faith without knowing all the answers. I choose to believe, that through faith, the Lord will lead me just like he did Abraham. What about you? Will you choose to use the faith that God has given you?choose faith .PNG