Sometimes it’s in our lowest that we find out just how blessed we really are. God certainly has a way of coming in and slowing us down. Perhaps it’s so I can reflect. Maybe it’s so I can write and share with all of you. Maybe he just wants me to slow down. Either way, He’s good at it!

I had such a big week planned! My job at the salon had gotten flip flopped around to where I could only fit in two days this week. I had an essential oils class prepared for Tuesday afternoon. And the rest of the week I had planned to share my love of Young Living Essential Oils at market with a great friend (more on her later). While traveling home from my class on Tuesday, I started feeling a little “icky”. By Wednesday morning at the salon, I was definitely falling below that line of wellness. I had to leave work (if you know me, leaving work is a big deal) and come home. My husband put me to bed, against my will, and in his own way said, “you have got to slow down”. So I did.

I am not one to take time out for me. I am a workaholic… There I said it! I am happy when I am working. I think a little bit of my father may be coming out in me, or a big bit. I don’t see this as a bad thing. I love my customers at the salon!!! Love them! And I love sharing my love of oils and wellness. It is a passion beyond words! So why can a person that is so “Well” be “Sick”? God has a way of slowing us down. That is as easy an answer as I can give. Young Living has shown me so many ways to increase in my wellness. I use oils each day to support every aspect and area of my life. And WOW what a difference it has made. Right now, I am currently supporting my digestive, emotional, and immune systems. Where oh WHERE would I be at this moment without my oils??? Experiencing WELLNESS is possible even when you are sick!

What about the Purpose part of this post? Let me just tell you I have found PURPOSE beyond words!!! The Lord has promised us a purpose and for many it may feel that purpose is out of reach or yet to be revealed. I struggled with this for a while myself. I knew that my God had a plan for me and I’ve strived to find it in my own way. He has a way of lining everything just in HIS perfect timing. You need only to be walking with him in order to see it when he reveals it. In his own perfect timing while on my walk with wellness he revealed my purpose. My purpose is PEOPLE. I love to help people!!! I love to talk with them, see a need and help find a more natural way to fulfill that need. God is so good and if you will seek your purpose with an earnest heart he will lead you to it. Will it be what you expect? Mine is as far as I would have ever expected. I could never talk to a crowd. I couldn’t even stand in front of my own church family and put someone on the prayer request without my knees knocking and voice quivering. BUT I CAN STAND in front of a group wanting more out of their health. WHY? BECAUSE IT’S HIS WILL! NOT MINE! It is possible to find purpose in an area you may not expect.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST- Abundance. When many people hear abundance they think, financial abundance! In fact when I first heard about this whole “abundance with Young Living thing” that’s what I thought of. Oh, they will give you some money when you share those oils with other people. That’s what you thought too, right? Here is what God’s word says about abundance,

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8

If you want abundance, Get in the WILL of God. Find something you LOVE. And turn yourself loose! For me abundance is getting a short text that says, “My daughter is finally sleeping through the night! Thanks for telling me about Lavender.” or, “I’ve been having such a hard time lately with all that’s happened. But Frankincense has made such a difference in the way I feel. I had no idea until I tried it.” Abundance is sharing my love of oils in a class full of people. And the one person who I would have thought least likely to follow up with me is now one of my best friends (I told you I’d tell you about her later). Abundance is KNOWING that I AM making a difference for the Lord. I can easily share my faith through these oils. Because it is through that same faith that all this was made possible. Abundance also is knowing that I CAN lie here and rest today with this sweet little man KNOWING that the Lord has blessed us enough to have a DAY OFF!


Imagine a life filled with wellness. Imagine a life filled with purpose. Imagine a life filled with abundance. It is available and it’s NOT out of reach! Check out this awesome video below and have a blessed day: