My family and I are headed home from an incredibly MAGICAL week at Disney World, Orlando Florida.

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After returning from our fourth trip to Disney World, we have picked up a few tips and tricks on things that we will need while we are away. As well as what to do to prepare for our Disney vacation. We have 3 small children so our bags are busting at the seams with items that we think may come in handy to make our stay more enjoyable. Let’s start with the basics:

1. We were blessed this time with a personal washer and dryer. So, we packed light on the clothes and washed each night. This saved a ton of space!!! Be sure to plan appropriately for the weather. We enjoy going to Disney in the fall! October was HOT! I wish we had packed a little cooler (tanks and shorts for everyday instead of some jeans and t shirts). So, watch the weather before choosing attire and pack light if there is access to a washer and dryer.

2. Princess dresses are a MUST!!! We brought 3 princess dresses for daughter. With all the Character meet and greets, and princess dinners, your little princess will need to dress in her finest “dress up” attire. (don’t forget the shoes)

3. Disney resorts, like other hotels supply soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners in the rooms. I am a little picky when it comes to these items! We use all natural AMAZING PRODUCTS from Young Living — There are a few items that I simply can NOT leave home overnight without! Vanilla Copaiba moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner, my A.R.T Skin care system– it quick and easy– a quick foam wash in the tub, followed by a toner, and light moisturizer. I make my own body cream with Young Living Lavender, and Frankincense essential oil mixed with organic Shea butter. Don’t sacrifice your body just because cheap, handy samples are available. Who wants to go home with a rash, dry hair, and pimples??

4. There are a few items that are great to keep with you in a carry on inside the park: Pony tail holders, Ningxia red, Ningxia nitro, wet wipes, sunglasses, thieves hand sanitizer and spray, a small bag packed FULL OF YL OILS (more on this to come), RAIN JACKETS or PONCHOS (these really came in handy!!!)

5. Ok, lets talk about this big bag of YL OILS: I packed a bunch of essential oils to bring to Disney. There are a few favorites that never left my side. I’ll only discuss the ones that we used daily. LAVENDER: I used it everyday for my kids respiratory support, to help me stay calm, use on life’s little mishaps, and to diffuse for rest to sleep. DIGIZE- just don’t be caught without it! I think everyone but my daughter had to use this oil throughout the trip. It gave us MUCH NEEDED digestive support. STRESS AWAY– enough said. Progessence Plus- just because this lady needs it. PEPPERMINT- for our occasional discomforts, too many spinning rides, and just a quick uplift. VALOR- OH VALOR how I love thee. Everyone just needs a drop of valor every now and then. PEACE AND CALMING- when the toddler and the parents have had too much fun! Frankincense- AKA “Frank” My hubby says it helps us not to go thermo nuclear haha. It also helps us with our overall health and wellness. THIEVES- a MUST EVERYDAY for our immune support.

6. We bring a cooler full of drinks. It helps to have drinks in the room because Disney resorts are HUGE and not an easy walk for a 10:00 pm thirst quencher.

7. TENNIS SHOES. Just don’t do the big boots, heels, hard sandals… JUST DON’T. Take care of your feet and bring a comfortable pair of shoes!

8. We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. It was amazing! They have several pools along the resort. So, don’t forget the swim wear!

9. Strollers for the little tikes. If you have a great riding stroller and have room in the car with the luggage, feel free to bring yours to save a little cash. Disney has their own stroller rentals at the parks. We have had two successful experiences renting strollers from Orlando Stroller Rentals. They have nice, great rolling strollers. They have it waiting for you at your specified time at the bellhop and you return it at the time you specify in the same location. Our full 7 day Disney stay cost us around $60.00. It’s well worth it, it saved us room in our car, they have been very reliable, and is much less expensive than renting directly from Disney World.

10. The Disney Photopass is totally worth doing!!! We did take pictures with our cell phones, but we didn’t have to carry a huge, expensive camera around. The Disney photographers are set up at locations all over the parks. You simply walk up, snap a few professional pics, scan your magic bands and go. They do the rest. After our stay we ended up with over 80 pictures to choose from for print or to digitally download.

11. One thing that we wished we had done this stay is have a resort day! We have decided with 3 little ones that it would be a good idea in the future to take a lazy day in mid week and enjoy the resort. We definitely could have used an afternoon by the pool, fun time in the arcade, a mommy massage, movie under the stars or just a little down time. We did do one small event at the resort that I am very thankful for. We came in early on Halloween for trick or treating and a festival of events at our resort. We had such a great time!!! Halloween at Disney is SUPER FUN!!!



12. We always choose to do the Disney Dining Plan. We have great results with this and it saves us money too. This trip we were blessed enough to book our stay during the free dining plan week. That was awesome! Keep a watch on the Disney site online as they run specials often. We saved a few quick service meals and snacks and brought TONS of candy and treats home the last day to munch on for the ride home and a few days after.






I hope these little tips and tricks can help make your future Disney vacation a little easier. The Young Living items I mentioned can be purchased at the “become a member” icon . What are your Disney tips you’ve learned along the way?