Although a list of 5 doesn’t begin to give all the reasons we chose to start using Young Living essential oils, it’s a good start. 

1.  We use essential oils daily to keep our immunity strong.  You may ask, “I feel well now, why should I change what I’m doing if I’m already fairly healthy?”  It’s not about how you currently feel.  I feel particularly healthy everyday too.  But life has its way of bringing you down.  Do you get in your daily excersize? Do you zero out on sugars, carbs, fats, etc? Do you take it in a great amount daily of fruits, veggies, protein and water?  Are you completely stress free? If all those answers are yes, I’ve got to meet you!!!! That’s awesome.  But for me and my family, life often gets in the way and our immune system needs a little extra support from Thieves essential oil. 
2.  Did I mention stress??? Three children, 2 full time jobs, a husband with 2 full time jobs, school, homework, household chores, bumps and bruises, you name it, life gives stress.. I have to vocally recite scripture daily to help get me through.  I also now have some great friends called stress away, valor, peace and calming, progessence plus and white Angelica. These can help me to turn a crazy day a little brighter!!! 

3.  My digestive system needs extra support.  I’m known to not eat the best foods (although I am working on that!). Believe me my digestive system sometimes suffers for my choices.  Digize essential oil has saved my day, and night so many times.  

4.  A deeper spiritual awareness. Not only has my journey with Young Living brought me closer to the Lord in general.  There are actually essential oils that help me to meditate stronger on scripture, and prayer.  If you’ve never grabbed and bottle of frankincense, 3 wise men, or Grow blended with Faith essential oil… You are truly missing out.  I love the way it helps me to keep my focus where it needs to be.  

5.  Let’s face it, with 3 little munchkins running around, there are bound to be mishaps here and there.  We use, owie, copaiba, helichrysum, lavender, peppermint, purification, etc etc etc to support our overall wellness!!!! We run into discomforts from time to time that just need a little TLC.  We get that comfort from lots of little Young Living bottles.  They haven’t failed us yet!!!! 

In conclusion, essential oils are part of our everyday life!!! We incorporate them into our daily routines starting, ending, and everywhere in between. If you’d like to try them on for size, I would highly recommends starting with the Premium Starter kit that Young Living has wisely put together for our wellness. Please comment below with any questions you may have, for deciding what starter kit may be best for your family, or for more instructions on how to order.  Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY day!!!! God bless you all.