I have just had the privilege to take part in an amazing experience.  Young Living gifted me with a trip to the Lavender farms in Mona, Utah.  The experience overall was one I will never forget and I am grateful for.  Experiencing Young Livings “Seed to Seal” first hand is a truly humbling experience.  I want to take you through some of this journey with me.

The plane ride into Utah was incredible as we viewed the snow capped Rocky Mountains.
We arrived In Salt Lake City, Utah at noon on Thursday June 25th. We then were bused into Park City where our resort was located. It was beautiful!!!



We attended several dinners and training events at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

And please don’t let me forget the NINGXIA RED BAR!!! YUMMO!!!! I tried several different essential oils in my ningxia. One recipe I had made was called “the Walton”. It had peppermint, jade lemon, and orange essential oil. WOW! That will wake you up!!!




The next day, we toured the Lavender farm and participated in “Lavender Days” in Mona, Utah. I have taught about Young Living’s Seed to seal process for over a year now. But seeing the process in action sheds a whole new light on all of it. I wish there was a “smellovision” where you could all take in the aroma of the lavender fields and the distillation of Juniper and Blue Yarrow oils. The work in the fields did not stop while we were visiting. The workers continued to work the fields planting new lavender baby plants. The tractors kept plowing and the distillery still continued to steam in new oils for us to love. We had an excellent tour guide who explained the process of distillation. They were currently distilling Juniper and Blue Yarrow.


This yellow colored oil is Juniper.
We actually made history with this blue oil. This is the very first distillation of Blue Yarrow in the Mona distillery.
After the oils are distilled they are brought into this lab for testing.

After the distillation tour I went out to the fields. I got to plant my very own lavender plant! This was cool! I may be using the oil from that very plant one day!! Or you may!!! The beauty of it all was worth the whole trip!!!IMG_9394


There truly is a HUGE difference in Young Living essential oils and other oil companies. Yeah, you can purchase oils at stores,  from other companies and even find them at a cheaper price. But,  I KNOW what I’m getting when I use Young Living. The quality can NEVER be matched. It’s like growing your own tomatoes at home verses getting it from the local grocery store. There is a BIG difference. Except this goes even further than that. Their properties have “never before been plowed or subjected to harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers— making it an ideal location to begin producing therapeutic- grade essential oils.”-Young Living Seed to seal. I would love and encourage any of you to go out and visit any of Young Livings farms if you get the chance. I can assure you it will be worth the trip. I absolutely loved my experience and I thank  Young Living for giving me the opportunity to work for them by simply sharing what I love.  And, for blessing me with this trip.


You can read more about Young Living’s seed to seal process here and view all of their farming locations: www. seedtoseal.com

Erin Shoup- Gold distributor #1728987