Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!  We had a fabulous week spending time together as a family and giving thanks to our Savior for all he has done.  We spent most of the weekend decorating for the Christmas season.  Jonathan and the kids picked out a huge inflatable dinosaur with a santa hat to go in our yard… sometimes you just smile and say “I love it!”  It makes the kids happy and yeah, I’ve grown rather fond of the big guy 🙂  The house is smelling great with Christmas Spirit essential oil diffusing… OH MY GOODNESS… it smell amazing!!!  If you do not have a diffuser that emits TRUE 100% Therapeutic grade essential oils into your home, you are MISSING OUT!!! It smells like Christmas blew up in here.. AMAZING!  Highly recommend this oil to help get your home in the Christmas spirit.

Let me tell you a few of the WOW moments we’ve had lately with our Young Living essential oils.  1. Stomach issues… don’t know if it was too much turkey or too much dessert but a couple of us had digestive issues and rolling bellies.  4 digize capsules later and the hubby is feeling better.  2 belly rubs with digize later and the baby boy is going strong.  Another “man this stuff is incredible” moment, was when my oldest son Jackson woke up screaming with growing pains in his legs.  This by the way, is the second time we have dealt with this since we have had our oils.  Before, we would just lay with him screaming and my husband and I would just massage his legs basically all night long.  So, I grabbed him up, took him to our “armed but not dangerous” cabinet and grabbed the deep relief… rolled some on his legs and massaged.. nope not the key. STILL CRYING!  Then I thought, “Oh yeah!  Peace and calming!”  Took it out of the cabinet put 2 drops in my hand grabbed a little pinch of coconut oil and rubbed his legs.  I KID YOU NOT, he stopped crying as soon as I rubbed the first spot!   I finished applying and put him to bed and he went straight to sleep.  GOD IS AMAZING!  That’s all there is to it.  His creation is amazing!

I hope as you come into the Christmas season that you not only remember the birth of our King Jesus.  But, that you stay in thankfulness for how awesome he is and the blessings he has already abundantly given us.  He IS truly the Reason for the Season.  Teach your kids that!  Toys are great, don’t get me wrong, Santa visits our home every year.  But toys are temporary.  Jesus is everlasting and eternal. He is the greatest story ever told and  his story shall never end….it’s eternal!  JOHN 3:16